Lucky Sun is located in Yiwu City

We care more about people than anyone can.

When we engage in business we find a way to do more for others than anyone else. We find a way to truly serve. To care for people in a way that no one else can. We are given the gift of trust and influence. Business allows us to make the invisible visible. Business allows us to be the creator. Our focus is to do more for others than anyone else. To add massive value to the world. Business allows us to gain resources, connections and influence. And, with that, we can impact the entire planet for good.

In recent 30 years, the local people and government have been doing ONLY one thing – building this international trade city.
Now they finally put 70,000+ shops and around 10 million products inside this city, all under one roof! And attract 150,000+ visitors from all over the world into this hall each day.

This is something like building Pyramid in ancient Egypt. They only did one thing and that thing made them famous all over the world!

Yiwu City is an amazing city for all resources in apparel. Lucky Sun Apparel Co. is your family, your boots on the ground. This is our mind set! To serve you in every way we can. 

CEO Evan Zhou Zhiming 


Evan over- sees every order and every  garment at every phase of production to packing. We assure you that we are the perfect fit to grow your business, guaranteeing a perfect fit. 
Zhiming is everything!


We understand your business!

We appreciate you!

Rachel Summer our executive assistant is bilingual English / Chinese.

Rachel loves to ride her bicycle and take yoga classes when she is not serving at the Lucky Sun Factories.


Lucky Sun Apparel Co.

Customer Service Department

Are customer service representatives focus on all aspects of your production. We handle all the trims, fabrics, packaging.

fall in love with our Mind Set

Fabric Sourcing

Fabrics are sourced to match your requirements for composition and handfeel. We can also dye fabrics to meet your exact colour specifications and give materials additional treatments for softness or effects like acid wash.

Global Communications

We are equipped with the most update technologies to communicate around the world. No matter where you are, we are there for you.

Finance Consulting

We will work with you to meet your budgets and price points. We will arrange the best financing for you.

Commitment to Quality

Our skilled technicians cut, stitch and finish your garments, ensuring that the quality of each individual piece is to the highest degree possible. All items undergo a quality control procedure to ensure satisfaction throughout all the manufacturing stages. Lucky Sun Apparel Co. adheres to the highest standard of quality.

Relationship builder

We are not looking for a short distance sprint. We cherish and value you. Our mindset is to develop a long distance marathon and assure you are the winner.

Fashion Strategy

Lucky Sun Apparel Co. has every resource at our fingertips. Trims, buttons, zippers, fabrics, printing techniques, sublimation, embroidery, discharge printing.

"What really resonated with me working with Lucky Sun Apparel Co. is their desire to communicate so effectively and to assure that my company will receive the best service than any other company can offer."
Christine Young
Design Director at American Clothing Enterprises

Lucky Sun Apparel Co.

When your business depends on the right fit, you found us. You are in the right place.

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